Detroit Ice Works was founded out of a love for all things cocktail and therefore, ice. 

We believe that there are few things that are more beautiful in a cocktail than a crystal clear, large ice cube (or spear! or sphere!) and we strive to help you bring that "wow" factor to your libations. 


Caroline Chung

A native to Detroit, Caroline is energized at the revitalization of the city. She loves the culinary arts, and believes that both food and cocktails should be beautiful as well as balanced. 


Caroline loves to bring her engineering mindset to all aspects of life, whether it is smoking a cocktail or trying to create the perfect bourbon infusion. More often that not, however, she loves to enjoy the classics, her favorite being an Old Fashioned.  

J.T. Caulton

Having spent the first half of his life in Chicago, J.T. moved to Detroit in the summer of 2010 to pursue his passion in the automotive industry. Since then, he's fallen in love with Detroit's tenacity and the possibilities available. 

Find J.T. biking around Belle Isle on nice days, or enjoying a Manhattan (on ice, of course) at his favorite Detroit haunts on days that aren't. 

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